The Lamb Play Park

 After playful lambs
Come the angry rams 
And they spin and spin 
To you and me it’s a harmless win

They zoom down the slide
And the adults pluck up their pride
And they say “STOP!”
But the rams don’t hear and go clippety clop

So much fun they had till the day ended 
And then in the morning everything was mended
One child whispered ” thank you lambs
And thank you rams”


The Outside

Listen to the howling lonely gale
Feel the cold harsh hail
The leaves stroke my cheeks
My head aches for weeks
The birds’ song fills my heart 

Thick branches scraped my heart
The summer comes
The red leaf runs

So the breeze laughs and sings 
The leaves have wings
The birds loop the trees
And you catch the dancing bees

The Water

It splashes lashes
Rushes rages splashes
And yet it stops
And it drops

It hits your skin
And it’s thrown away in a invisible bin
It always loses
Even though it has its uses

The Nest

Twigs leaves and string
They find from the wind
Through the sky they search the land
They never need another hand 

Soon they stop and their jobs done
They feel like they’ve won
Their home bowl
Reaches into your soul



The book takes the journey
Most people don’t see
With the feeling seeing the light
Even if it isn’t right 

So many yes and not no
Even if your not a pro
You can read 
be freed


A Stroll


In the misty morning showers
There rose rows of flowers
The stalks sway in the breeze
With the stems enclosed in leaves


You rub your eyes and see
Wild garlic that’s me
You smile with your eyes of sun
And my smiles begun

You walk past
And you go so fast
Though you meet my friend
I miss you and my fun ends

Thank You Teachers 

Thank you teachers
From our mouth to yours
We learn about all types of creatures
in maths and English all your knowledge pours
To learn about different features

Though it is tough you struggle through
For that we admire you 
From your brain to your smile we thank you
For all that you do 

The Fire

It roars like a lion
It runs like a stallion
It is deaths toy
They say “we’ll fix it boy”

But it’s damage is done 
So many people run
But two or three perish in ash
I expect the makers of it get cash 

It’s the devil
Or it is several
Fires burns like lives end
Fire’s toxic is the end


Soaring on the sea
Rippling all free
Stumbling into the eye of the whirlpool
Speeding into a lightning storm like a fool
Over the wave of the Atlantic
Running from the splash you’re that frantic


Engines roar and the wind blow
Anchor sticks down to stop the flow
Metal clangs against the harbor
Glass shows the sea white
The sea is better then a flight


Ships cover the sea
Speeding throwing the ocean
Ships control the sea  


The change of views
You know you can’t choose
Witch way  are species will go
Hoping that are mind will grow
To understand Why