Garden activities


I sometimes Persuade my Mum and Dad to play with the hose so  they switch on the hose and either spray it at us or they hold it high and then we run under it. Sometimes they make it hard like s up and swirling it or hitting it up and down




while in quarantine you might want to make some music so if you live with family you could make a band. I have made a band called Fantasy Land and I am the drummer

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Inside a Fantasy Land rehearsal #isolationcreation

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if you like writing you could write stories or poems I have written one called The whispers of a book here it is 


The whispers of a book

 The whispers of a book
Open it up and take a look
‘Cause as the pages turn
You don’t just learn

Written words spin you
Pages flip to chapter 1
The story follows

Into dimensions
Secrets of old uncovered
Following your heart
Words are like the bird of sky
Flying soaring into your dreams

Books are everyone’s key
Books are words to be 
Words are life
Words a re the end of strife
Books are your heart you see

The whispers of a book
Open it up and take a look
‘Cause as the pages turn
You don’t just learn

Come close to me I need a smile
come close to me I take you on adventures child
Come close to me I’m your key
Come close to me I’m your way free

Pen onto pages
Each travelling word is yours
Where heroes are born
Life’s essence is calling books 
Books share knowledge of fun worlds 


Please if you do any of these activities leave a comment and tell me if you have any suggestions on things to do in quarantine




A brilliant suggestion from Bryn. He suggested baking. He is my brother so he knows I did a lot of baking




if you have relatives with you you could put on a show. Me and my brother did a show called The Dr and The Dancer.




reading is a great way of passing the time and going into other world

Listening to music


I like listening to music. It’s wonderful to settle down in a corner and just let your soul come out 


Food pun names


So I like to find movies and put a spin on it. Every week I’ll put a subject out so you can do what i do

the subject

Harry Potter anything

Harry Potter and the philosopher scone
Harry Potter and the clamchowder of secrets
Harry Potter and the prisoner of avocado


Harry Pot-stewed shrimp
Sirius Black-Pudding
Hermione Granulated sugar
victor Krumble
Lord vol-au-vent




Tree climbing


I have newly found out I can climb the tree in our front garden though I can get high I can also do it quickly Ihave also got some where I can sit