what are your suggestions of fun at home, you could suggest ideas for the story and a name or you could just say which activity you’ve  done if you add a comment below. tell me your favourite


20 thoughts on “fun when bored

  1. I liked LOVED making a band and I would highly recommend doing something musical over this period of unspecified time! It was so much fun to be part of this production. I just wonder what we’ll do next.

  2. I have been copying pictures from my favourite picture books. I like drawing & I like reading, so picture books are the best.

  3. The character should be called Lord Charles Acosta. He should be hunted by demons and have a problem with controlling his fire. This could lead to some funny accidents!

  4. Grandma Carole says:

    I read in the paper today that in Monmouthshire a group of playful lambs were spotted spinning on a roundabout in a childrens playground. There was no photo so maybe a drawing is needed with a witty caption or poem.

  5. Grandma Carole says:

    I read today about someone running a marathon in their garden so I thought you could measure out a circuit out in your garden about 50 metres maybe and instead of running a marathon you could run around it or hop skip and jump around it every day until you have done 5Km.How many days would that take at 50m a day.

  6. Grandma Carole says:

    I thought you might like this poem about washing lines.
    Clothes catch
    on the branches
    of the apple tree
    touch hems
    with pale blossom
    and fray petals
    that drift down
    loosed by your white shirt
    to make stars on the grass.

  7. What a wonderful website Freya!
    I personally love playing board games (well, table top games of all kinds). Particularly silly card games.
    Glad you are keeping busy!

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