here is a story I have written it is based on this picture

For years the writer helped the people of earth but he still grew old so one day he gave his power to a child. When that child became 9 his power became stronger now anything he wrote came to life. His life was  very interesting, soon he was not allowed to write.
The day came when he ran away and was left on his travels. He was in a large jungle when he saw a school and on the front it said blossom the school for the blessed. Two guards grabbed him and took him into this sort of a chamber. A cold harsh voice snapped at him “ what do you think you’re doing?”
‘I-I was walking,’ then the voice was back again, ‘Don’t tell lies’. A warm voice put in his opinion ‘Sean*1 you’re scaring him, what’s your name boy’  ‘My name is Zack,’. ‘Write me a sentence about the outside’ The man said. When Zach had finished everything he wrote was there and the man smiled. Zack was escorted  out and he was told he was to learn to use his powers for good.
As he walked he saw doors saying The Illustrator, The Dancer, The Musician, The Singer, There was also a burnt down room and door and there was an open one that said The Writer. As he went in it felt like home even if it was small it was home.
The next morning he woke up and there were 4 people at his door. He was slightly dazed and said ‘your names?’ one skinny boy chirped ‘I am Edward The Dancer’ ‘I‘m Ben The Musician’ said a tall boy that was leaning on a violin in a low voice. ‘I’m Winter The Illastater’ said a girl, who was holding a notepad. ‘I am Jon The Singer’ said a boy holding lyrics in a kind voice. He was startled as they said ‘your name?’ in unison He replied ‘Zach the Writer I guess’ Edward smiling said “ welcome to the club” chuckling to himself. As he got up he knew this school was different but he didn’t know how. He followed them into a classroom. Ben, Edward and Jon laughed suddenly Ben got a violin out and wonderful music filled the room and Jon started to sing “ The lion may hunt but then the cheetah jumps then I know I’m here I’m where I’ve been and I have my leaves” The room was a jungle and Edward dance was transforming but he stopped when the master came in. The master said in a soothing voice ‘Zach and Winter

 1 It’s pronounced “seen”

go to the other classroom and never make trouble like that again treeo’ He laughed at their nickname. Winter and Zach entered a colourful classroom. He heard the voice that saved him. Soon he learnt a thing or two and he was in a jungle and loving his talent. For the first time in ages, he felt happy. He had fun working, discovering and playing. But suddenly a bang filled the room and they were told to evacuate and go to their dorms. The friends knew something was up then a wave of cold hit them and soon a dark shadow followed chanting in some strange language  ‘san havron caul oflong nounsa trou ke.’ They were dragged forwards and he said ‘so this is his newest student’ and pointed to Zach the others dropped to the floor. So many things happened his vision was blurred then next thing that he knew he was on his bed. He sat bolt upright and asked ‘what happened’ Edward, Ben, Winter and Jon sat knocked out on his bed the masters said ‘your awake’, ‘who was that’ Zach asked ‘an old student’ they replied. One by one his friends woke up they asked the same questions as he did and were equally confused as he was. Then something strange happened and their powers went off without the masters said ‘they will go a bit wonkers so stay in your dorm if you’re together he could come back but you can text’ as in answer to Zach’s question ‘wear these when you do Zach.’ He gave Zach what looked like headphones
They used the phones to communicated and their powers went off without warning. They hated every second they were there they could barely walk without setting their powers off.They wished for  freedom it was worse than exile they thought                     
A moonlet charm was left on a dead oak desk. The man that had just came into the school sat down on a dark bed “I’m sorry.” He crushed the charm he had been holding. A dark spirit floated out of him. He was deing his face was as white as the clouds in the midnight sky but as  he stepped he got stronger knowing his wrong. He couldn’t know what he was up against. He was torched by the thing he was wounded he was beaten he was weakened he stopped it. He was called Fox
Then the friends lurched in pain as soon as the thing got out of him. Soon they get torched they are weakened by an invisible  force they get every day it’s stuck on repeat it wont stop. They can’t hope to live like that. So many thoughts that hurt their mind like the force hurts their body. The touch of light is all they have to like.
The oak desk is curling and the floor is falling. Fox wakes up sweating, he settles back and clutches his charm letting in the memories of the past. His soul looks back and is stuck in the past. He remembers his dad’s accent and his mum’s smile. He remembers the ash that sucked them up to oblivion. He remembers standing at their grave at the age of 11 and his brother was at his side until he was corrupted by this evil spirit. His Kind brother gone and now a heartless careless monster torturing him slowly and killing them both but he needs a plan to escape. The dark spirit enveloped him and took control. A smirk spread across his face as the wicked plan developed in his brain.
Zach saw a pack of cards out the corner of his eye. These cards weren’t normal cards they were strange, they radiated a feeling like his powers and then he saw it they had different back. Each one did something when they were turned around. He grasped them tight and as soon as he did they glowed bright blue. They spoke in a deep calm voice ‘ You are son of the Writer and we are your humble helpers.’ as they said that characters jumped out of the cards he grabbed his phone and texted his friends and asked ‘ do you have a pack of cards in your room ’ they texted back ‘no’ he texted ‘ can you see anything that was not there before ’ they texted ‘ now you mention it yes ’ Ben the Musician had a jack in the box in his room, Edward the Dancer had a yoyo, Jon the Singer had a old drum kit, Winter had a build it toy and each gave a similar message and gave you stuff from the world outside.