Let your imagination go wild. A story name or think of what comes next. The name is now Charles Bioles so keep your imagination flying  there is some new characters what are the blue handed people’s powers

12 thoughts on “imagination birds

  1. The red tailed people should be able to move thing with their mind! Than you could describe how Charles beats them all and is rescued by a magical spirit who teaches him about his powers.

    • Ok, He should be kidnappped and taken to a magical fortress by the red tailed people. It could be made of crystal. He should then use his power to escape, and in the process makes a friend with one of the red-tailed people, who teaches him to use his magic. His power begins to grow but so does a great darkness…

  2. So the Lady is also captured (this time by the blue handed people). Meanwhile, Charles is practicing controlling his powers. He finds it difficult to direct the power, and often blows up stuff around him (as well as singeing his eyebrows off). The crystal palace is unaffected by his powers, though, the beams of sunlight simply amplified by the crystal. Every day, the red tailed people feed him three times a day, but he is afforded very little human interaction. The solitude is getting on his nerves.

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